Silver leaves/foil/varakh

Silver leaves/foil/varakh
Customer’s Myth Kanti Sweets Facts
Large quantities of ingested elemental silver can cause argyria- a condition in which skin turns blue/bluish–grey. Vegetarian lobbyists claim that varakh is commonly hammered between layers of animal fat or hide and is thus a non vegetarian diet. We at Kanti sweets use 100% vegetarian silver leaves of 99.9% purity which are hygienically produced in a dust free environment. The shining is leather–free and the silver leaves are developed using fully automatic and computerized machines of the latest German technology by the suppliers.
Silver leaves are attributed for their medicinal properties. They kill 650 known germs and viruses and keeps the food item free from bacterial infections.
They stimulate natural immunity and helps to fight allergies and ill effects of pollution. Their consumption promotes healthy bones and joints and rapid healing of ailments.
Silver leaves help in toning up the body.
Silver leaves
Purity 99.9%